• Black Flight 144

    I am interested in the similar resolutions achieved by impoverished peoples. These resolutions can be seen in the inventiveness of children. Children use what is available with the focus on the specificity of its use rather than the price paid for. There is pure joy that happens from a tire race. The collective joy that occurs relieves a community. As a Jamaican raised child I had no sense of poverty, to the contrary I knew I was wealthy. The same ingenuity occurs with hard up children all over the world, but the sense of community has been dissolved here in America. Differences are exacerbated by capitalist practices within urban neighborhoods. Peoples of the same status persistently alert others as to who is wearing the same shirt again today. This divisive practice continues through adulthood and a culture of separation prevails. Separation lines between nationalities, states, zip codes even shades of skin are promoted from childhood. I am interested in building a community through a culture of unification.